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31 March 2015

New Name, New URL and Writers Needed, Accepting Essays.

I recently purchased and as such some changes will be happening to the site.  As of today you can link to the site by using the the old URLs will continue to work.  The Name of the site will also be changed from Navy Help to Navy Joe for continuity.

Writers Needed
Everything on this site I did as a passion project.  I want to make the navy a better place and get information out to everyone.  That is why I made this site and pay for the Domain out of pocket.  It’s been fun but now I am looking for fellow likeminded (or even not so likeminded) sailors to join me in this benificiel endeavor.   If you are interested Email me @  

Accepting Essay
I am adding the ability for anyone to submit essays, links or any information you think would be beneficial to fellow Sailors.  To submit something send it to

Thank you for visiting the site and here’s to making the Navy a better place.

Tablets Headed to Your Navy Sea-bag the Pros and Cons

A recent article on the Navy Times website announced in April 200 Tablets will be distributed to a test Group of new recruits and trainers.   According to the article MCPON Stevens believes it to be a way forward the Navy MCPON stated “This is really the tip of the iceberg with regards to training,” Stevens went on "one day a sailor will sign up in the Delayed Entry Program and we will issue them mobile technology, and it will become their career companion, and everything they do with regards to personnel and personnel training."

As an IT I like the idea of having a tablet.  I can see many good things but I also can see some bad.  Here is a list of a few pros and cons of this proposal.

A Hot Minute

It has been a hot minute since my last post and I apologize for that.  I took on two collage classes, the tempo at work picked up and we had a loss in the family.  These many things made it imposable for me to post informative stuff.   NOW I am back and ready to go. 

This is an outlet for me is to give back the many things I learn every day about the ever evolving Navy.  I plan to post at least once a week some sort of new information I have learned.   Things I will be sharing are articles, NAVADMIN’s, and anything I think can be useful for navy personnel.

 If you have suggestions for the site feel free to post them or email me

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