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28 August 2014

Only one week till E6 exam
if you're not ready checkout some Study tips.  If you are ready don't nuke the test here are some test taking tips.

18 August 2014

Navy Prep Test's

Here are some two prep tests for IT rating folks out there.  If you have some for other rating to add please send me a message or put a link in the comments.  MORE LINKS AND TEST PREP IN THE COMMENTS.  

13 August 2014

The Great White Fleet.

On December 16th 1907 sixteen battleships clad in white with gilded scrollwork with red, white, and blue banners on their bows Left Hampton Roads on a historic journey that would take them around the world, showing the power and capability of the United States Navy.
That is what we have learned but why did we need to show force?  What is “The rest of the story”?

Let the Navy Advance your Career and Education!

Most people think that the GI Bill is the best thing for your education and it is nice but if you are smart you won’t use it till you get out or you will Pass it on to your kids.  So what are the best things for your education well you are still in the navy?  Navy COOL not only is it easy but it will pay for you to get Certified or licensed.   find out how easy it really is to use navy  cool…

Why Should I Care If Someone Makes Chief?

Last week when the Chiefs results come out, in the commotion of congratulating all the people I know who made it, an IT3's said to me "What is the big deal, they just went up one pay grade, why should I care?".   He had a point it is only a small pay boost.  Why should a junior sailor care? Why should he   indeed.  Here are some of the things I brought up to this IT3.

08 August 2014

The September exam (Cycle 224) dates.

The September exam is around the corner in case you haven’t seen the message here are the dates for each exam;
E6 - 4 September 2014
E5 - 11 September 2014
E4 - 18 September 2014
Remember to study you’re BIBS and GOOD LUCK ALL.
·         See the full message here
·         exam tips  here
·         Study Tips Here
·         See your BIBS Here

07 August 2014

A Few Exam Blunders to Avoid.

With only weeks till the exam I’m sure you have been studying for this exam (If not check out my studying tips here) and you are ready.   This time you are going to make you’ve pulled out all the stops, you read every BIB and you have that EP  you are ready now.   Or are you?  In these final days before the test make sure you don’t fall victim to these common test taking blunders.

06 August 2014

Chiefs Results are out!

The wait is over here you will find the Advancement results for Chief for FY15

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