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26 May 2015

Secretary of The Navy Announces BIG Policy Changes…..

In a recent speech the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus talked about why we have seen so many changes and announced some big changes coming to the navy.

“Some Changes will take place at the speed of my pen, some changes at the speed of congress.”
----Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus 

So what are these changes?

11 May 2015

The 2015 September Navy Exam Message is out! Are you Eligible to Take the Exam?

2015 Exams start in September.  What questions do you  need to ask to make sure  you’re  eligible for the exam?

06 May 2015

New Selective Reenlistment Bonus' 2015

Many SRB's have lowered or gone completely away but overall there has been an increase in bonus'.  How could this affect you and your money?

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