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20 August 2015

Haze Gray and Underway: 5 Items to Make an Underway Better.

When you get underway you have no control over how long it is.  Here is a list of 10 items that are essential to every underway.

19 August 2015

Quick Guide to Find any PQS....

I have help a lot of people come to me unable to find a PQS’s.  It is super simple yet few know where to look.  Here are a few simple steps to find ANY PQS you need without GOOGLE.

New Ribbon in Bootcamp for Being the Best!

That is right now when you go through boot camp if you are in the top 3% you can get a ribbon for “Honor Graduate”…..

04 August 2015

NEW PRT Standards but not till After the 2nd 2015 Cycle.....

The NAVADMIN Dropped today and it outlines the rules for the NEW PRT standards.... So what are the takeaways from the message?

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