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23 June 2015

100+ Places That Give a Military Discounts

Here is a list of 100+ places that give a military discount.  Some are based on location and may vary from store to store it is always good practice to ask. 

22 June 2015

Quotas for Chief are out!!!

Overall numbers are down from 24.09% to 23.64%.  Ratings like PR and MM are down a few pts but  most hard hit was CTN and CTI GRP4 dropping 30 pts.. Other rating saw 10+ point increases giving some 1st some much needed hope.  To see all the quotas Click here.

19 June 2015

No more CAP now it’s MAP

The Navy has replaced the Command Advancement Program or CAP with the Meritorious Advancement Program or MAP.  Why did CAP get replaced with MAP and what changed other than the name and will it affect you?   


04 June 2015

You May Want to Rethink Your Facebook Habbits.

NAVADMIN 129/15 released in May gives a guideline for “Standards of Conduct” on social media.  It applies to all DOD personnel contractor and Civilian and could affect how you treat social media.  As always I would suggest reading the full message but if you are lazy here is the abridged version.

03 June 2015

Say goodbye to DON Requiered NKO GMT's......

I’ve been checking NKO and FLTMPS for the last couple days to see if GMT requirements would actually change like the SECNAV said.  Finally today they updated to the NEW required GMT list.  So what all training was removed from requirement by the navy?

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