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30 September 2014

All Hands Call With CNO and MCPON.

NAVADMIN 219/14 Announces in celebration of the 239th Birthday of the Navy an all Hands Call With the CNO and MCPON to be broadcast live on DTS, the Pentagon Channel, and

15 September 2014

How to find the truth in Smoke pit Rumors!

NEW PRT standards, Navy ball caps in NWUs, new uniforms are all scuttlebutt rumors some even turn out to hold a little truth.  How do you know what rumors are fact and which are fiction?  Here are some links to help find the truth right from the source.

08 September 2014

NEW Overseas Screening Process!

NAVADMIN 203/14 released on Sept 2nd by CNO Washington has new processes for overseas screenings. These processes will affect everyone needing an overseas screening here is what you need to know.

Fiscal Year 2015 General Military Training. (NAVADMIN 202/14)

According to NAVADMIN 202/14 released Sept 2nd by CNO Washington the navy has  “reduced requirements for FY-15 GMT and placed more flexibility in the hands of commanding officers“.   What does that mean for you and is it really “reduced”?

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