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15 September 2014

How to find the truth in Smoke pit Rumors!

NEW PRT standards, Navy ball caps in NWUs, new uniforms are all scuttlebutt rumors some even turn out to hold a little truth.  How do you know what rumors are fact and which are fiction?  Here are some links to help find the truth right from the source.
If you search within these links you can find just about everything, from PRT, to awards, selections boards, policy, and regulations. 

ALNAVES click Here.
SECNAV and OPNAV click Here.
DOD Instructions Here
BUPERS Instructions Here
NPC Instructions Here

Sometimes you want to see what is going on around the fleet or the DOD.   Here are links to some news and info sites.

DefenseLINKThe official Department of Defense (DoD) website provides current DoD news and links to various DOD websites.
Early Bird
A daily (duty days) compilation of articles and summaries of newspaper and wire service coverage of issues pertaining to DoD.
Defense Media ActivityThe Naval Media Center serves as a conduit for dispensing information needed by Navy and Marine Corps personnel. The site includes an online version of the All Hands magazine, archived Navy News Services, and archived Navy Wire Services.
Navy NewsStand
Online source of information for the latest Navy news.
All HandsRead current and archived editions of the All Hands magazine, a monthly publication that looks at the lives of Navy service members. Issues (beginning with the June 2002 edition) are available for viewing in the PDF format or Macromedia Flash.
The Navy ReservistThis publication focuses on news and information of interest for Reservists. Look for the magazine link in the lower right of the page.

As always if you have somthing to add or a question leave it in the comments below.

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