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08 September 2014

Fiscal Year 2015 General Military Training. (NAVADMIN 202/14)

According to NAVADMIN 202/14 released Sept 2nd by CNO Washington the navy has  “reduced requirements for FY-15 GMT and placed more flexibility in the hands of commanding officers“.   What does that mean for you and is it really “reduced”?

How GMTs are Setup.

As it has been for many years you have two categories of GMTs “Category One” training which is required instructor led or “Face to Face” trainings and “Category Two” which online or instructor led and is left to the discretion of the unit commander (You can read a more detail here in OPNAVINST 1500.22G).

Are there Fewer Online GMTs this year?

Last year online requirements were 15 NKO courses this year is only 12 so yes .  One of the ways they have reduced a GMTs is removing them altogether Anger Management has been completely removed and Financial Management has been left up to the unit commanders if it will be a required training.   

Is it really LESS training?

Another more sly way they have reduced GMTs is by taking multiple courses and mixing them with others.  What they have done is moved some “Category Two” courses like the Navy's Drug Abuse Policy, and the Navy's Tobacco Cessation Policy, and mixed them with “Category One” training ALCOHOL ABUSED and made Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco Awareness training that is a “Category One” training.  So two NKO courses have just been combined with an already existing instructor led training.   So yes you have fewer courses this way but you still have all the info as before just packed into a single longer training.

Where can I find a list of GMTs?

                NAVADMIN 202/14 shows all the Category One GMTs but not the online GMTs.  OPNAVINST 1500.22G covers all GMT categories but is confusing on what you have to do.  Below I included how you can find both.

·         Category One GMTs instructor led or “Face to Face” is included in the NAVADMIN 202/14 and include;
·   Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco Awareness
·   Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment/Grievance Procedures
·   Hazing Policy and Prevention
·   Personal Financial Management
·   Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness
·   Stress Management
·   Suicide Awareness and Prevention

·         You can find Category Two Online GMT's by loging into eLearning through NKO here are the steps to find them;
1.       click on "Course Catalog",
2.       under Course Catalog click on "USN Department of the Navy (DON) Training",
3.       then click "General Military Training"
4.       last select "FY15 General Military Training" (The FY14 should be close if FY15 is not posted yet)
All training in this section will be mandatory

When can you complete the online courses?
You can complete the online courses whenever you like starting October 1st 2015 and still meet the requirements by the navy for online GMTs.  Your command may mandate you complete them before a certain date but if you have them all done in October you should be fine.

All in all GMTs stay about the same year to year and will differ little for each command.  As long as you keep up to date with your GMTs and finish them as they come out you will remain ahead of the pack.

If you have any questions and comments please add them below.

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