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13 September 2014

Do you feel your Workplace in the Military is safe and professional?

If you do or don't would you voice how you feel?  Apparently NOT.    

     Hundreds of thousands of letters and emails were sent out to every female and a fourth of all males in the military. 580,000 letters and emails asking for participation in a survey but like with command climate surveys people ignore the request.  The navy has noticed the poor participation and sent out NAVADMIN 214/14 stating that "Participation numbers indicate that our Sailors may not be aware of the Survey" and they go on to say "Commanders need to get the word out" but still few service members have heard of this survey (even though they may have gotten an email or a letter) and even fewer have participated.   

Why Should you Participate?
This is not another “Command Climate” survey. The RAND Corporation a worldwide research and analysis Non-Profit is conducting the survey completely independent of the DOD.   The findings of the survey will be presented to the President and Congress and the FULL analysis of the survey will be made available to the public spring of 2015. The more people that participate the more accurate the information will be. If only all the people that have no cares and love everything about their job then problems you and I experience will not be seen and the issues will persist.  

Who is The RAND Corporation?
They are a Worldwide research and analysis organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous.
What is the survey on?
Military workplace relations, professionalism, and personal safety.

How can I participate?
If you are a female in the military or you were one of the randomly selected males, then  you were sent an email or a letter.  Go to and inpute the access code from the email or letter and take the survey.

If you did not receive an access code and are a female or feel you should take the survey you can call the helpdesk at 1-888-365-5914 (OCONUS 240-453-2620) and the operator will verify your ID and then email you the survey info.
Email the help desk at inform them that you did not receive your survey info and give them a contact number.  The help desk has to speak to you directly and will call you back to verify your ID.

With the Sept 24th projected closeout of the survey rapidly approaching and poor numbers the survey may be a complete bust for the DOD.  If only few thousand personnel take the survey then it will not to show any real trends or problems. So quit the Bitching and moaning about things to your fellow members and see if you can participate in this unprecedented survey and maybe we can see some change in problems that have plagued the military for years but nothing will happen if you don’t participate.

For more info go here
See the NAVADMIN here
Go to the Survey here

If you have questions or comments please leave them below.

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