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10 February 2014

Bypass NKO Backdoor into NKO Training or NETC LMS

Is NKO not working?  Do you need to do your mandatory training?  Are your sailors making an excuses that NKO is down that is why training is not done?    I have a Quick Backdoor to get you into NKO Training now known as NETC LMS.  In just five simple steps you can complete your training 99% of the time no Network Errors so you can get on with your life.

Step 1: Go to enter
you may have to login or set an account if so use the following steps
Step 2: Click on the “I Agree” button (Only after reading and if you agree)
Step 3: Click on the “Login With CAC Card” Button
Step 4: If prompted to select cert select the one with EMAIL then enter your CAC pin
Sep 5: you are in the NETC LMS webpage get that training done.

To learn how to setup your CAC reader at home click HERE.
To learn about enrolling in training go to

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  1. As Training Officer for our unit, I need to retrieve GMT Modules from NKO and as of this date I am not able to don so. Please help!

    LCDR Phyllis Henson
    NR Navy Recruiting Command

    1. Ma'am,

      If you are on a ship your should be able to order DVD's with the required trainings and have them installed on the NIAPS server or the IT’s may be able to download them for NKO@ Sea… Sadly I don’t remember who you would order the CD’s from but maybe that can point you in the right direction.

  2. Thanks so much! Still having this problem March 2, 2016, but your link works!!

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