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30 April 2015

Congratulations to all Who Were Selected for Master Chief!

The list is out so go and see if a Senior Chief you know made it.

Go here to see the list.

Things My Recruiter Didn’t Tell Me: How to Survive “Cranking”

This will be the first of hopefully many posts on “Things My Recruiter Didn’t Tell Me.” These posts will be about stuff you may want to know about that the recruiter probably won’t/didn’t tell you.    

How to Survive “Cranking”

When I joined the Navy everyone told me including my recruiter “If you have the chance go to a ship first do it.  You will learn a lot and advance quicker.”  That advice turned out to be very true. My first and second commands were ships and I prospered, I learned my rating and advanced very fast.  After a few months at my first shore duty I put on First Class Petty Officer.  In only 6 years I had advance from E1 to E6 I attribute that to going to a ship first.

What they didn’t tell me about being going to a ship was that I would go Cranking.  I had no idea what Cranking was, even after my first couple weeks on the big deck amphib I was oblivious to what Cranking really was. 

29 April 2015

A Navy Spouse's Perspective #2 "What to expect when your spouse goes to Boot Camp"

Once your spouse is enlisted into the Navy you must understand that the Navy practically owns them now. He will undergo physical and mental training and be unable to communicate back home for most of the duration of his boot camp time. You must also prepare yourself for the limited pay that you will be receiving during this period. Your spouse will not start making a decent salary until they start working regular hours after A school. During the entirety of their training it is advised that you get a side job or stay with family because it is impossible to get by on what your spouse will be receiving.

28 April 2015

A Task Force for Innovation

In a recent message to the fleet the honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, discussed innovation in the navy and his vision of the coming years for Task Force Innovation.  

27 April 2015

What is CIP?

Career Intermission Program (CIP) right now is in a small-scale pilot program. The pilot only allows 20 officer and 20 enlisted  each year until this year (2015) and gives them the opportunity to seek out an advanced degree at a prestigious university of their choosing while also allowing them the ability to continue their career in the naval service.

Piping on the Whites is official release date

E-8 selection rate drops, but its more even across ratings

18 April 2015

A Navy Spouse's Perspective #1 "Preparing for a Deployment"

 Navy spouses have a lot of expectations placed upon them. We go into the relationship and Navy life knowing some facts but never fully prepared for the commitment required. In my case, I had some idea of what I would be giving up when my husband enlisted because I grew up a Navy brat and had experienced separation and single parenting due to the military life. Most civilians do not go into this life prepared for it. A few pointers can be helpful and an amazing gift. Here are a few of my tips for getting ready for your spouse's approaching deployment.

14 April 2015

NEW requierments for IT's and Cybersecurity DOD members

All IT’s and Navy Cybersecurity Workforce have NEW requirements to maintain your job.  I am not going to go into full detail and would suggest you read the NAVADMIN but here are the basics.

Navy Women on Subs

The Navy is taking a big leap this year by finally allowing Females to join the submarine force. There are a few NAVADMINS are out right now that can help you find out if you qualify to join the submarine force.

01 April 2015

Happy 122 Birthday Chiefs!

Navy chiefs have help shape the navy for 122 years.  Today is recognized birthday of the Chiefs and I just wanted to put out a few milestones in the lengthy history.  

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