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27 April 2015

E-8 selection rate drops, but its more even across ratings

The E-8 Selection came out recently and the overall percent of selected dropped from past years.  According to Fleet Master Chief (AW/SW) April Beldo  “the E-8 board remains near the 10-year average," she explained that some ratings have swung from high percent to lower and visa versa in response to  manning.   Beldo concluded that “overall we have seen a stabilization of opportunity and expect to remain close to the average for the foreseeable future."
This is great for the ratings that have always been hard to advance in like a lot of engineering rates.  What still remains to be seen is if this will trickle down to the lower ranks and even the playing field between al ratings.  It would be nice if choose your rate choose your fate wasn’t as true as it has been in the past.

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