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14 April 2015

NEW requierments for IT's and Cybersecurity DOD members

All IT’s and Navy Cybersecurity Workforce have NEW requirements to maintain your job.  I am not going to go into full detail and would suggest you read the NAVADMIN but here are the basics.
All Navy Cybersecurity Workforce MIL, CIV, and Contractors are now required to hold required certifications AND complete 40 CEUs a year.  Let me answer some questions.
What qualifies as CEU’s?  Any position relevant training, education, experiential learning, and commercial certification activities.
Where can I find CEU’s? Federal Virtual Training Environment, Skillport, and Navy Knowledge Online are some examples of sites that you can find training.
When do I have to be up to date? By September 30th 2015.
How will I pay for the required CEU maintenance fees?  You can request vouchers from Navy COOL.
Most the CEU’s are easy to complete just time consuming.  Keep up with them and it will be easy to stay on track.  If you have questions I can do my best to answer them please ask them in the comments.


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