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29 April 2015

A Navy Spouse's Perspective #2 "What to expect when your spouse goes to Boot Camp"

Once your spouse is enlisted into the Navy you must understand that the Navy practically owns them now. He will undergo physical and mental training and be unable to communicate back home for most of the duration of his boot camp time. You must also prepare yourself for the limited pay that you will be receiving during this period. Your spouse will not start making a decent salary until they start working regular hours after A school. During the entirety of their training it is advised that you get a side job or stay with family because it is impossible to get by on what your spouse will be receiving.

Besides the pay, you must prepare yourself for the possibility that your spouse will change while in boot camp. The rigorous physical requirements and mental exhaustion that take place has been known to harden many. When they come home they might be more cynical or at the very least they might be more stoic. This can get better in time. The important thing to do as their spouse is to try to stay positive and supportive through the process. Try not to antagonize or get angry over the little things. The reason I say this is because without understanding the relationship with a military member will suffer. It is best to show love and acceptance no matter the changes that might take place because the next step after basic training is being assigned to a navy facility or ship. When your spouse goes to sea duty deployments will take place eventually. You want to make the time you have together happy and uplifting.

While your spouse is at boot camp it can be extremely lonely. They are focused on their training and they are limited in what they can or can not do so it's easy to feel pushed aside and forgotten. It is not your spouse's fault when they can not communicate so I advise having a support system in place during this time. Your support system will be able to assist you as you wait for your spouse to come home. They can listen to your woes and distract you when you get lonely. Without this support it is easy to blame, get angry, and feel not cared about. This is not a good outlook to have.

So if your spouse is in basic training get support, get distracted, and make sure you have a back up plan for finances. These are my suggestions.

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