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27 February 2016

231 Navy Exam Cycle Starts On Thursday!!

231 Exams cycle start on the 3rd with the E6 exam, the E5 exam on the 10th and last the E4 exam on the 17th.

I Hope you are ready if you need help check out some Study tips
If you are ready check out some Coman  Exam Blunders to Avoid 


Update to Navy Maternity Leave Policy Takes Away 6 Weeks of Leave.

Last Augusts NAVADMIN dropped for new maternity leave giving woman 18 weeks of leave.  This week another message dropped and it is cutting back the amount of leave woman are entitled to.

22 February 2016

NEW 2016 Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) Message.

The NEW Selective Reenlistment Bonus message dropped last week and some changes were made that you may want to know about if you are near your EAOS.

14 February 2016

Risk in the Navy and How to Avoid it

Here are a few unique risks we take as Navy/Military personnel and how we can minimize/avoid that risk...

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