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27 February 2016

Update to Navy Maternity Leave Policy Takes Away 6 Weeks of Leave.

Last Augusts NAVADMIN dropped for new maternity leave giving woman 18 weeks of leave.  This week another message dropped and it is cutting back the amount of leave woman are entitled to.

What seems to have happened is the DOD decided to unite all the branches in the same maternity leave policy and the DOD policy undercuts the amount the navy had already planned.   So what has been changed?

Under the navy plan maternity leave totaled 18 weeks or 126 days of leave.  The leave could be taken over one leave period or split over 42 day convalescent leave after the birth and 84 additional maternity leave (AML) days used however woman want as long as it is used in the first 12 months after the child's birth.   The 84 days of AML only is granted if the woman retains custody.

Under the new policy AML has been taken away and maternity leave period was changed to 12 weeks or 84 days.  The leave must be taken in consecutive days immediately following the birther of the child or release from the hospital whichever is later.   So the new policy takes away the ability to split up the leave over 12 months and it takes away 42 days of leave.

Some good news is woman who already are pregnant before March 3rd will be grandfathered into the 126 day leave with all it's benefits.

Be sure to read the whole new NAVADMIN and if you have questions leave them in the comments bellow. 

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