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27 May 2016

Advancement Cycle 231 Results are OUT!

Here are the complete lists of all advancements to E4 through E6 of the 231/98 Cycle.


Congratulations to ALL newly advanced!  If you did not make it the next exam is just around the corner so get studying.

Useful Navy Calculators.

Here is a list of calculators for Pays, allowances and even BMI and  travel.

Profile Sheets are Out but NKO is Down...

Profile sheets are out for Cycle 231 and of course NKO is down... so where can you go?

24 May 2016

Schedule for Release of Advancement Quotas and Results!

CNP has released the schedule for release of advancement quotas and results the the March 2016 exam cycle 231.

19 May 2016


This as many have found out was not the Quotas for cycle 231.   I was messing with my buddy decided to Rick Roll him sorry to get all ya'll.  The quotas for 231 will be released by CNP someday this week I am sure with results coming soon after.

Good luck to all!
If you want to Rick Roll anyone I made a new page for satire HERE with Rick Rolls and satire stories. you can submit a story  HERE.  If I like it I will post it and give you credit.

18 May 2016

ROLL CALL for Any Other Navy Sites!

I get a decent amount of traffic to my site and would like to spread the wealth.  If you got a Navy site that you would like to get the word out about please drop me a line HERE.    As long as I approve of your site I'll either add it in a post or give you a link under Ship Mates


NavyJoe Admin.

Reserve and FTS Quotas for E7 are out...

Check out the Quotas here for FTS and reserves.  Good luck to all!

12 May 2016

Quick Look: Navy Performance Evaluations

This is a quick look into Navy Performance Evaluations and stuff ALL Navy sailors should know when it comes to EVALS.

07 May 2016

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