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25 May 2016

Cycle 231 Quotas are OUT! (No rick Roll this time)

You can find the Quotas HERE.  It looks like this time there is a slight decrease from last Cycle Quotas.  

This Cycle could still be being affected by MAP bringing the numbers for advancement down a little still at 29% for E4, 16% for E5 and 11% for E6 overall..  At least this cycle there are no zero advancement ratings.  Last cycle saw big drop quotas due to the new MAP program.  BM and SH had 0 advances off the exam BUT they still had 6% and 11% advancement because of the number of MAP advancements.  

Hopefully command TRIADS see the collation between MAP sailors and quotas and start advancing without looking at rating but just merit alone.  That will help balance out quotas by not advancing so heavily some ratings in the future.

Good Luck to all who took the EXAM!

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