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29 September 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Rating Modernization!

With the new changes to navy ratings in NAVADMIN  218/16 or the removal of said ratings there are a few things you should know.   Here I have a list of 5 things you should know about Rating Modernization.

1.  We had signs that this could be coming.
"This modernization effort is the result of a review of Navy rating titles completed this year by the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy and his leadership mess." The review the NAVADMIN speaks of was written about in the Navy Times back in January. The Navy Times talks about Secretary Mabus wanting to make navy rating more inclusive and removing "men" from such titles as Damage Control Men. Some thought this would just affect those ratings but looks like it will change everyone.

2. It was a "RATING" not a rate.
There was much confusion about navy ratings especially since you had a rating and a rate. I have seen a lot of people talking how they "loved their rate" this update I am happy to tell them will NOT affect there rate since that is just your pay rate i.e. E1, E2, E3, E4, O5. What has changed is rating i.e. IT1, FC3, EN2 those now are NOS or Navy Occupational Specialty.... At least get RATE and RATING right if you are complaining.

3. You still will be able to take Pride in your NOS.
The Marines, and Army have been using the MOS system for years and you bet Infantry takes pride in being Infantry and anyone in Artillery will tell you they are better then Infantry. So you still will be able to take pride in your NOS. The big benefit is if you are wanting to switch NOS it will be a lot more simple to change and you can hold more then one NOS.

4. You will still have NEC's
This first step is getting the naming right is going to be the biggest shock. Most things will continue as before. You will still need to have NEC's to do a job and just because we all are Petty Officers now does not mean that a former PS will be working in radio now at least not until that they get the right schools. The good thing is with being able to have multiple NOS's you can now become a bigger asset to the navy.

5. They want your involvement.
For each phase of this multi year change up the navy will be going to the fleet for feedback. You will have little to no productivity complaining about change that already happened. Keep an eye out for more NAVADMINS, or Navy Time article and give your feedback. You have to respond to these requests give your input but always make sure to be professional and productive. Do not give feedback that "I don't like this becuzz it sicks" include what you don't like and how it can be fixed.

This White house Petition in a good example of professional and constructive.

Be sure to stay tuned for any more changes and if you have questions leave them in the comments below.

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