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01 April 2015

Happy 122 Birthday Chiefs!

Navy chiefs have help shape the navy for 122 years.  Today is recognized birthday of the Chiefs and I just wanted to put out a few milestones in the lengthy history.  

June 1, 1776 almost 117 years before the rank the lead cook on ships was called Chief Cook.
April 1, 1893 , Navy General Order 409 established the rank of chief petty officer. You could be one of 9 rates:
Chief Master-at-Arms
Chief Boatswain's Mate
Chief Quartermaster
Chief Gunner's Mate
Chief Machinist
Chief Carpenter's Mate
Chief Yeoman
Band Masters
 March 21, 1917, YNC Loretta Perfectus Walsh became the first female to achieve the rank of Chief Petty Office in the U.S. Navy.
June 1, 1917, John Henry ("Dick") Turpin became the first African American chief petty officer,
June 1, 1958, The pay grades of E-8 and E-9, Senior Chief and Master Chief, were created.

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