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21 February 2014

Are you Ready for the Navy PRT?

It’s that time of year time to dusts off that blue and yellow PT gear and start hitting the gym it’s PRT time.    If you are like me you understand it is hard to get in a good workout between juggling Work and Family life.   Now that the PRT is just around the corner it’s crunch time.   With it being everyone’s favorite time of the year I thought I would put together a list to try and keep you and myself off the Fat Kid list.

If we Stay Fit that would make PRT time a breeze.
We should be able to complete the PRT without breaking a sweat.   I’ve seen the fit looking sailors fail the run because they only lift weights.  Staying fit requires a well-rounded workout including running or for low impact biking and light weight lifting a few pushups and a couple minutes of planks (I say planks because sit-ups KILL your posture and have been found to cause back trouble over time).   Just doing this 30 min to an hour will make the PRT easy.
Eat Right not only will help the PRT but will improve Sleep! Yes it’s a fact you eat healthy foods you will sleep better, be more active and be more prepared for the PRT.  A few things you can do to eat better would be;
·         Bring your food to work.
·         Don’t eat out more than once a week
·         Make a meal plan and stick to it.
·         Toss the Soda, toss the Beer and don’t stop at McDonalds and Burger King.
Really eating better is easy you just have to plan for it.
You procrastinated to the last minute! Only have a week or two until the PRT I still have some tips for you;
Delay your PRT.  I don’t usually advocate procrastination but if you are not ready you need to get ready and the more time you have the better off you will be.
Check and see where you are at.   Don’t just shoot for a Satisfactory you should be able to get at least a Good (Some commands will put you on FEP if you don’t get at least a Good).   When you know where you are at train your low points.  If you have trouble with the run, see if maybe you do better on the bike or elliptical.   If Sit-ups are your weak point do planks (Again way better then crunches or sit-ups).  If your pushups are close to failing do arms, chest and and back.  Most of all do cardio between to keep your heart rate up for each workout you do this helps burn fat and will keep you burning fat even after your workout.
Suck it in.   Not just well you get taped but all the time.  You will be surprised the amount of calories you burn how it will change your posture and waist size.
Don’t Lean your head back.  Well getting taped I see people lean their head back to try and be taller and laugh.  It will not work and probably be counterproductive because your neck will bind making you shorter.  Just look straight stand tall and that is as tall as you get.
Pull your head back.  When getting taped if you need half an inch or so try pulling you head back (Not leaning) it will flex your neck muscles.  You should do a few pushups right before getting taped to it will help with your neck size well.   I have squeezed a full inch bigger neck by doing these two things.
Don’t CHEAT yourself.  If you are getting ready for the PRT don’t say you did more than you really did and don’t say you ran farther then you ran. This will only be detrimental to you and you gain nothing.  So be honest to yourself at least.
Learn your Pace.  When you start the Pushup or sit-ups DON’T STOP resting will make you seize up and make it harder to finish. Learn your pace before the PRT and stick to it until near the end push out any unspent energy or save it for the next exercise.
There are many other basic things we can do to be ready.  Remember this is twice a year we get ready for the PRT but If you stay ready year round then the PRT season will just be another month of the year. 
If you have something to add or have a question please leave it in the Comments below.

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