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10 February 2014

Using NETC Learning Management System (The New NKO Training)

The NETC website is a little confusing and if you don't know what you are doing it can be a pain in the ass.  Here are a few tips on using the new NKO Training website NETC Learning Management System.
  • Enrolling in a couse
  • Starting the training
  • Saving a Certificate

Enroll in a course
-At the top of NETC LMS page click on “Course Catalog” directly under the main banner
- to find desired course ether fill in the course “Number (suffix)” for example DOD-IAA-V11.0  or search by the “Title”  example Cyber Awareness Challenge.
-Under the “Course Status” click on “Enroll” if it states is “Enrolled”  you are already enrolled and can proceed to the next step
Start the training
-At the top of the webpage under the Main Banner click “My Learning”
-On the left side of the screen you will see a “My Training” box in this box is all your Enrolled training
-To start training click on ”Launch” this will open another browser with the training (Sometimes you have to turn off popup blockers for this to work)
-You may have to use the arrows at the bottom to navigate to the training you need depending on how many courses you are enrolled in.
Save the Certificate
- At the top of the webpage under the Main Banner click “My Learning”
-In the “My Training” box click on Open “My Training History” Directly under the top statement.
-A “WS_My Training History” tab will open
-Find the certificate you  are looking for by the “Title” or by browsing using the numbers and arrows at the bottom.
-After finding the desired course under the “Certificate” column click on the red ribbon icon.
-Click on “Save”
-Save the file as desired name example “SM Sailor  Cyber Awareness Challenge.pdf”
Now you have that file on your computer and can email it file it whatever you want.

For a backdoor to the NETC training website go to
If you have a request for how to do somthing in the NETC website please add it to the comments.

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