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13 February 2014

Tips for Navy high year tenure (Things you may not know)

Tips for Navy high year tenure (Things you may not know)
What is high year tenure?  First direct from the instruction;
 “ High Year Tenure (HYT) program  is a vital and effective force shaping tool to properly size and shape the active and Reserve Navy.”  “HYT Is a total force policy which establishes standardized length-of-service gates by pay grade balanced with a waiver process that allows Navy to retain the right Sailor.”  “The standardized HYT gates are established to allow Sailors the greatest flexibility to stay Navy in a stabilized force.”
In other words if you don’t make rate in the allotted time in the HYT policy then they will kick you out to make room for others.  So make rate and you will be fine but what if you can’t make rate?  This list is going to be stuff you may be able to do to stay in PAST your HYT and a few tips to make rate.

Kiss some ASS

You can have the best eval ever and still be ranked low if none of the rankers know who you are.  That is why you have to kiss ass to get noticed outside of your shop.  Do command stuff like MWR or start/join and association, volunteer for working parties do what you can to get your name out there. 


after you kiss ass you still need a good eval can accounts for  42-47% of your Final Multiple Score.  Look at an eval sheet in blocks 33-39 under the 5.0 block all you need to do is here.  Look at each line and then act on it and since an eval is only 18 lines put it in your brag sheet take the best and add it to your eval.

Example for block 38 TEAMWORK:
Petty Officer Seaman  leads PT for the division and pushs people to do better setting a goal to have everyone pass the PRT with a good or above.  This would meet all the TEAMWORK criteria for a 5.0 score
-    Team builder, inspires cooperation and progress.
-    Focuses goals and techniques for teams.
-    The best at accepting and offering team direction

Doing this on each block and adding it to your eval and brag sheet will force the hand of the ranking board and will really improve your chances of an EP or 4.0+ eval.
I will write more on making a good eval in another post.


The test can account for 33-37% of your Final Multiple Score  so study.   A few tips on studying;
-    Make a study group in and out of rate will help
-    Get the BIBS all of the NAVEDTRA have a test at the end and can be questions you will see on the test.
-    Do more reading of any kind this give you a faster reading rate and will  make the test easier. 
-    look at past profile sheet it tells you what you sucked at so you can focus on that (I know the profile sheet tells you not to but it worked for me)
                    I will also do another post on studying.


Yes you can get a waiver if you meet the criteria.  Subsequently if you have a waiver you may take advancement exams and are still eligible for advancement well you have a waiver.  The trick is you have to start way in advance.  To be eligible for a waiver you have to;

-    Start EARLY submit all paperwork 10+ months BEFOR your HYT.
-    Have justification for you waiver
o   In support of urgent, immediate operational requirements in a deployed or soon-to-deploy unit.
o    Identified as undermanned rate  in Fleet RIDE.

-    Submit HYT waiver request using  NAVPERS  1306/7  Including;
o    Member’s full name and rate.
o    Desired length of waiver in months.
o    Provide justification to include any pertinent documentation and information. Request should indicate the specific operational unit in which the member is seeking assignment.
o   CO’s endorsement and signature.

Your personnel office can help you submit your request but you have to be PROACTIVE in the process.
Note-Approved HYT waivers may be cancelled if the reason for waiver is not fulfilled by the sailor (So do what you need to do). Active duty and FTS sailors will be separated within 120 days of cancellation unless they have sufficient time to transfer to the fleet reserve or retire.
Selres personnel must be removed from a selres status by the end of the month in which the hyt waiver cancellation occurred, and will transfer to non-pay status or retired reserve if eligible.
Som usful stuff  HIGH YEAR TENURE instructions MILPERSMAN 1160-120 and MILPERSMAN 1160-130 Naval Message NAVADMIN 198-12
Navy Personnel Command POC is the NPC Customer Service 
Center at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC (1-866-827-5672). 
Questions regarding HYT policy via email to NXAG_N132C4A@NAVY.MIL
I hope this can help you stay in the navy a little longer until the time you are ready to get out. If you have questions or other tips with HYT please add them in the comments bellow. If you liked this post please follow and share.


  1. Can I receive HTY ISP and also be released for educational purposes?

    1. I'm not an expert I just read the MILPERSMAN and message this was not covered from what I saw. I would think If you get out for education purposes then you’re choosing to get out so you would not be eligible for the ISP.


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