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04 September 2014

Command Ball Caps are they really BACK?

It is not just a rumor they can be authorized to wear with NWU’s NOW!!!
According to NAVADMIN 200/14  Commanding officers can now authorize you to wear your command ball cap here are the rules.
1.       Commanding Officers Approval
The NAVADMIN authorizes CO’s to approve the wearing of Command Ball Caps but it is still up to your Command.  If you want to be able to wear Ball Caps get involved in the discussion with your chain of command.

2.       Buying the Ball Cap
You have to buy the Ball cap or an association/mess you are part of can(I.e. Junior Petty Officer Association, First Class Mess, Chiefs Mess).  MWR funds are prohibited to be used to by Command Ball Caps.

3.       Inspections
The 8 point cover will remain a part of your Seabag, as such it will be the ONLY appropriate cover for inspections in the NWU’s.  Also commands may order you to wear the 8 point cover for special occasions SO always have it on hand.   

4.       Manner of wear
Wear squarely on the head, with bottom edge parallel to and 1-1/2 inch above the eyebrows.  Initials and last four digits of owner's SSN should be marked on the sweatband.  The only authorized insignia the ornamentation for the Ball Cap are;
·         Officers miniature size cap insignia
·         E4-E9 garrison cap insignia

CO can authorize Ball Caps and they can un-authorize them to.  Keep it professional and keep those ball caps clean and strait and we should be able to carry on the tradition of Command Ball Caps for years to come!

If you have questions or comments please leave them below.

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