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20 August 2015

Haze Gray and Underway: 5 Items to Make an Underway Better.

When you get underway you have no control over how long it is.  Here is a list of 10 items that are essential to every underway.

1.       A Laptop.

A Laptop or tablet will give you a little something to do in down time (if you have any) and they can be cheap to.   A few tips when buying a laptop for an underway are:

1.       Don’t buy the most expensive, biggest, baddest laptop out there.   If it is too big it won’t fit in your rack and the risk of theft, being dropped or even rust is high so a cheaper can hurt less to replace.

2.       Pick for what you need not what you want.  If all you need is skype and internet in port then a Chromebook would be a cheap option at $150-$300. If you need to watch movies in your rack a cheap Windows laptop may be sluggish for games but will have a good size hard drive to store movies on.

3.       Remember you can upgrade it.  Some upgrades are simple like adding memory, others like upgrading the hdd can be more involved but an IT should be able to help.   This can save you a lot of money in the end.  

2.       3-in-1 Laundry Sheets.

The nice thing about these sheets is they take up little room and unlike detergent powder or liquid they don’t get everywhere.  They may cost a little more but they will save you a many headaches.
3.       Second set of Boots.
You never know when you may be sent out in a storm or a space may flood.  It really sucks to have to walk around in soggy boots so keep a second set high and dry in your rack.

4.       Portable Battery Operated Fan.
No matter how new the ship is loss of A.C. is immanent.  A little $10 fan can do a lot to cool you down.
5.       Batteries for all your stuff.
If it takes AA, AAA, D, or C make sure you have a pack or 2 when you get underway.  You never know when the ship store will be out and then you will be SOL.

This is a small list of must items to take on your underway  but it will be much better for sure if you bring thse items..
What are some stuff that you see as underway essentials?  

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