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04 August 2015

NEW PRT Standards but not till After the 2nd 2015 Cycle.....

The NAVADMIN Dropped today and it outlines the rules for the NEW PRT standards.... So what are the takeaways from the message?
I just want to clarify this right off the top most of the changes DO NOT go into effect till AFTER the fall cycle. 

Here is a list of what is new and what we have to look forward to and when.

Starting FALL 2015 Cycle
If you FAIL BCA you can still PASS!
With the NEW standards you still have a chance to pass the PRT even if you fail the BCA. With a waiver from medical you get to take the PRT if PASS it even with BCA failed it won't count as a PRT fail. That being said you will be placed on FEP until you pass the BCA.

Last Chance to Stay in (If you want)....
If you are being processed for separation for PRT failures you have a chance to stay in. If opt in and pass the PRT (MOCK of Regular) before December 2015 you get to stay in.  you will have to put a request in to your CO and be medically cleared.

Starting 2016

Failure Reset
I you failed 2 PRT's in the last 3 years they will only count as one.

NEW BMI standards
Yes the new standards are more relaxed then before here are the BMI standards
  • Males:
    • 18-21 = 22% BMI 
    • 22-29 = 23% BMI
    • 30-39 = 24% BMI
    • 40+ = 26% BMI
  • Females:  
    • 18-21 = 33% BMI
    • 22-29 = 34% BMI
    • 30-39 = 35% BMI
    • 40+ = 36% BMI.
Only 2 Failed Cycles to get Booted!
That is Right now if you FAIL 2 cycles in 3 years then you get kicked out. But you have more chance to pass with BCA not being an automatic fail.
NEW and OLD Measurements
The measurements for the BCA will stay the same EXCEPT they will add another measurement. With the new system, That won't be implemented until Jan 2016, you have 3 steps for measurements:
  1. Height Weight Measurement
  2. If you FAIL H/W you get Waist Measurement to pass if Males 39" and females 35"
Here is a Video
  1. Fail waist measurement and you get the standard BMI test (Neck, waist, height)
Fail all three and you are on FEP BUT not failed for that cycle you will have to be cleared by medical.
MOCK PFA every 30 days in FEP.
If you end up in FEP you will have a MOCK PFA every 30 days.
Random PFA's!
CO will do PFA spot checks. Although a failure of a spot check won't get you kicked out ofthe navy it wil place you on FEP.
Since I have seen some very good sailors get the boot over the BMI I think overall this new instruction is a good thing. I can't wait to see what they do with the PRT in the coming years.


  1. what about 1 failure in the last 3 it address people with 2 but not people with 1?

    1. Sorry I did not respond sooner. Two fails will become 1.

  2. the question is what about 1? in my case Sept 2013

  3. all previous failures reset, the failure counter starts cycle 1 2016

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