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06 May 2015

New Selective Reenlistment Bonus' 2015

Many SRB's have lowered or gone completely away but overall there has been an increase in bonus'.  How could this affect you and your money?

If you are reenlisting soon may want to pay attention you could lose your SRB altogether. With the new NAVADMIN any decrease in SRB will take effect at the end of May 2015.  That means you need to contact your Career Counselor and see if you can reenlist before SRB that if you had a decrease.  If your rating had an increases still contact your NC because any increase goes into effect immediately so that could be more money. 

Some noteworthy ratings that have fully lost SRB include FT, MMSW and HT.

So if you are reenlisting read the SRB message HERE, even if you are already approved if you see changes in your rating multiplier Contact your Career Counselor to see if you can get more/keep more money.

As always if you have any questions leave them in the comments below.
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