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26 May 2015

Secretary of The Navy Announces BIG Policy Changes…..

In a recent speech the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus talked about why we have seen so many changes and announced some big changes coming to the navy.

“Some Changes will take place at the speed of my pen, some changes at the speed of congress.”
----Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus 

So what are these changes?
(Click on each subject to see in video)

A pilot program for Cadets graduating from the Academy will be implemented that will refine detailing in a “Linkedin” type of system.   This program will be headed by the newly formed Office of Talent Optimization at the Navy Academy.  The program will help make sure “The fleet will get the right officer in the right communities.”   Hopefully after the pilot we will see changes like this to the enlisted detailing program.

                The Navy will be pushing to have 27% of graduates from the academy to be female by 2019.  In the fleet there will be an increase of female enlisted “emphasizing those ratings in which women are underrepresented.”  Mr. Mabus said he is “Personally obligated to opening all operational billets to women in the navy.”  This will give big opportunity to women in the coming years as already seen in NAVADMIN 019/15 giving females the opportunity for sub duty.  This will not lower the standards for say the SEAL program as the Secretary states in the Q&A section….

                “To make sure you have time to spend with your newborn we’re proposing legislation to double paid maternity leave” if this legislation passes maternity leave will go from 6 to 12 weeks for women.   Mr. Mabus also stated that staff will be hired to extend child care 2 hours both at the beginning of the day and the end.

                Mr. Mabus talked about physical fitness stating “Our High op-tempo also demands a culture of fitness…..  What we’ve got in the fleet is a high-stakes twice a year crucible.” He continued “We are going to completely revamp the physical fitness assessment.”  He continued to list what will change;
  •   “The pass or fail system that only, and sometimes inaccurately, assess one aspect of physical fitness is going to end.” Obviously this is pointing at the BCA’s “We are going to instead focus on health not shape.”
  •    PFA cycles will be supplemented with physical readiness spot checks ”So you just can’t get ready for the test”
  •    Performance of Physical fitness will be documented on fitness reports and evals.
  •    New 24/7 CAC card accessed gym on EVERY Navy and Marine base worldwide.
  •   The fitness suit that was tested at the academy will be issued to the fleet.  These suits will have patches for outstanding performance.
  • New outstanding fitness award for anyone with outstanding fitness over 3 cycles.
  • Change to measurements will only include a waist and height like the Air Force.
  •    Overall PRT will be on a point system; you get points taken off for BCA but still have a chance to pass PRT based on your other scores.

                A pilot program for both see and shore will be launched in 2016 to bring more lean proteins, vegetables and complex carb to the galleys.  The new menus will be made fleet wide in 2017.

                “Innovators need stimulating environments…. Elementary, repetitious, time consuming task of general military training just don’t achieve that end.” The secretary then stated “Beginning June first I’m ending GMT as we know it….  We are going to stop all Navy directed GMT on NKO.”

                Command Advancement Program is going to be renamed the Meritorious Advancement Program or MAP.   The MAP program will expand meritorious advancements to 5% Navy wide.  This advancement program will no longer only be for sea commands but also be available to shore duty personnel as well.

                Under the oversight of their immediate seniors Commanding officers will be given more power to separate sailors from the navy.    The administrative process to separate a sailor who is “not up to the task” currently can take up to a year.  The new process will reduce red tape while still giving due process to the sailor being separated.

The secretary continued on with questions that segment of the video can be seen here. 
We will see what of these changes come to fruition.  Hopefully the changes make for a better, stronger Navy ready to defend the high seas.  

What do you think of these changes? What would you change about the Navy?  Post in the comments bellow how you feel about these announcements or if you have any questions. 

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