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11 May 2015

The 2015 September Navy Exam Message is out! Are you Eligible to Take the Exam?

2015 Exams start in September.  What questions do you  need to ask to make sure  you’re  eligible for the exam?
1.      Do I have TIR?  To be eligible you have to have minimum Time in Rate (TIR is calculated  to 1 January 2016) Minimum TIRs are:
E5 taking the E6 exam TIR date is 1 January 2013 or 2014 with waiver
E4 taking the E5 exam TIR date is 1 January 2015
E3 taking the E4 exam TIR date is 1 July 2015
To find your TIR either Look or your ETJ on the first page Admin Data the 7th line down “TIR Date” cac req.
2.      Do I have a clearance?  When you know you have TIRnow is the time to verify you have a clearance if you need one.  All the following rattings need a clearance:
AC, AE, AG, AO, ATI, ATO, AWF, AWO, AWR, AWS, AWV, AZ, CTI, CTM, CTN,CTR,CTT, EOD, ET, FC, FT, GM, HT, IC, IS, IT, ITS, LN, MA, MC, MN, MT, ND, OS, QM, SB, SO, STG, STS, and YN, as well as all nuclear and submarine ratings
Make sure your clearance has not expired and that it is active. This can also be checked on your ETJ under Admin Data. 
Clearances are only good for 15 years for confidential, 10 years for Secret and  5 years for TS.
Your “Invest Completion Date” is the date that you count from to know if your clearance has expired.
               You also need to make sure there is a date below “Clearance Auth” in your ETJ.
If your clearance was not Authorized or expired  if you take the test your exam will be invalidated and you won’t be able to make rank off that test. 
3.      What are the Exam Dates?  It is good to know the date so it wont creep up on you.  Exam dates are as follows:
               E6 - 3 September 2015
               E5 - 10 September 2015
               E4 - 17 September 2015
Lastly as always you need to study, study, study.    If you have any questions READ the message or ask it in the comments bellow.

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