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13 August 2014

Let the Navy Advance your Career and Education!

Most people think that the GI Bill is the best thing for your education and it is nice but if you are smart you won’t use it till you get out or you will Pass it on to your kids.  So what are the best things for your education well you are still in the navy?  Navy COOL not only is it easy but it will pay for you to get Certified or licensed.   find out how easy it really is to use navy  cool…

 Who is Eligible?
Navy COOL covers almost all ratings and ranks from ABE to YN (you can check your rating on the site).  Become a Certified Safety Specialist as an ABE or get your CASP Certificate as an IT the options are wide open.
Is it a pain to get a voucher?
It is simple to get a voucher from Navy COOL only Four basic steps;
1.       Find & Select Related Credential
2.       Get Exam Voucher
3.       Apply for Credential & take Exam
4.       Report Results to Navy COOL
What if I fail the exam?
If you fail an exam your first time you have 2 more Navy-funded exam attempts.   Before you can apply for a new voucher after the first attempt you  have to show documented training then you can reapply.  If you fail a second time you have to undergo documented additional training and counseling to the fact you fail the 3rd attempt, you will then have to fund any additional attempts or WAIT a required 12 months to reapply for a voucher.
How to get your voucher and Cert.
1.       Find & Select Related Credential
a.       Go to Navy COOL
b.      Click on either “ENLISTED SEARCH” or “OFFICER SEARCH” then use the dropdowns to select your rating or Designator.
c.        When you have selected a rating or Designator one click on go.
d.      A page will open with your eligible certs and or licenses.  Find a cert/license you want to go for (you can click on them for more info). 
2.       Get Exam Voucher
a.       When you find a cert you want click on “step 2 Get Exam Voucher”
b.       a popup will open read the instructions,
c.       scroll down to the  Navy COOL Voucher Eligibility Tool and make sure you are eligible read all the statements and check them
d.      Click on “Get Form”(Or if you know you are eligible  click here to get it)
3.       Apply for Credential & take Exam
                                                                i.      No signature is needed if using an electronic copy just fill in everything  but the.
b.      Submit for command approval
                                                                i.      The command should submit it to Navy COOL for voucher approval.
c.       When it your voucher is approved Navy COOL will send you an email Voucher Approval, open the Dock
                                                                i.      It will tell you to email with an accnolagement of recept do this.
d.      You will have 60 days to take the exam after you receive the voucher.
e.      Sighning up for the exam will varie if it is your first time you have to go to
                                                                i.      off base testing click “sign in”
                                                               ii.      Or for conus For on base testing  
f.        From the menus find the exam you need and click on it.
g.       A Login screen will open, if you have an account log in if you don’t create one
                                                                i.      I can’t tell you the steps from here since they vary from exam to exam,
                                                               ii.      You should have some sort of thing that leads in to finding a location and selecting a exam test time and day
h.      When it comes time to pay in the Voucher Approval Letter you will find the voucher number under  “ Redeeming your Voucher” it will look something like like this “CMJL123456789.”
i.         Now you are ready to take your exam (After lots of studding) Always make sure you arrive early and follow any rules the testing facility has.
4.       When you complete the exam pass or fail you have to notify
a.       Navy's Credentials Program Office.  Please include score when possible.  Send an email to:
b.      Your supervisor
c.       Your local Approving Official
d.      PSD with your Cert (Only if Pass)
e.      Navy College office to update your Joint Service Transcript (Only if Pass)
(Remember you have three tries to pass the exam so don’t get to bummed if you fail, study hard and you will get it.)
That is all there is to it.
Not only will Navy COOL help your navy career the certs you get will help even more when you get out.
  If you have any questions please ask them in the comments below.

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