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07 August 2014

A Few Exam Blunders to Avoid.

With only weeks till the exam I’m sure you have been studying for this exam (If not check out my studying tips here) and you are ready.   This time you are going to make you’ve pulled out all the stops, you read every BIB and you have that EP  you are ready now.   Or are you?  In these final days before the test make sure you don’t fall victim to these common test taking blunders.

Cram ALL night before the exam.
Many studies have shown that if you stay up cramming the night before a big test you will do much worse.   Instead of Cramming all night do some light review and go to bed early so you can wake up refreshed ready for your normal morning stuff.  If you cram the last second all the new stuff you read will not be stuck in long term memory or in short term it will just bog your memory.  If you haven't read it by a few days before the exam don't try commencing it to memory now just focus on review of stuff you already studied it will have a better chance of being able to be recalled during the exam.

Skipping Breakfast.
Having an empty stomach will only make any butterflies you have while taking test worse.  Also don't eat a fat filled heavy meat breakfast that can be even worse than skipping the meal.  Fat and meats are harder for your body to process and will use up some of that brain power you to digest the complicated proteins and fats, brain power that could be concentrating on the  test.   You want to eat a breakfast with dairy, fruit and bread all easy to digest.  Like my daughters show calls it “Brain Power Food”.

Hold’n it in.
It is close to time for the exam to start and you have a turtle forming.   Don’t hold that puppy in go drop those kids off at the pool.   Holding it in will only be a distraction through the entire test or even worse you could have to leave in the middle to drop the kids at the pool instead of answering questions.

Showing up super early.
Show up to the site 15-20 min early.  Make sure you get on base nice and early but don't go to the build until it is closer to the exam time.   They will seat everyone when they are ready the extra time you spend standing around before the exam is lost relaxation, or light review time.

Second guessing you’re answers.
The exam has started you answer a quest but then you start thinking about it you start second guessing yourself.  What should you do?   Many studies have been done on this very question.   They found that 57% of the time people changed right answers to wrong.   If you just change it because you’re second guessing yourself you will probably will make it wrong answer.  This is thought to be because your brain knows the true answer before your consciousness.   Only change the answer if you have reason maybe one of the later questions made your answer wrong.

Answer the right answer but in for the wrong spot.
I did this my fist exam in the navy.  I had accidentally skipped a question and went all the way through the exam and after the last question I still had one row left on the answer sheet.  It took all the time I had allotted for checking and double checking to fix it.   This is a costly mistake that is easy to remedy just look at the question number and the answer number for each and every question.

Assuming it can’t be C because you already have three C answers in a row.
I’ve had many people tell me that they didn’t think it could be C because they already had 3 C in a row.   That is not true nor is it true that there is an even number of A, B, C, and D answers.   For my second class exam I had a streak of 8  A answers,  my A, B, C and D answers were so skewed just looking at the answer sheet you could tell I had way more A answers then D answers.   I made 98 percentile and only had 10 questions wrong out of 200.   So the strategy of I only have a few D answers so I’ll guess D is a bad one.

If you have something to add, or a question please post it in the Comments below.

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