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13 August 2014

Why Should I Care If Someone Makes Chief?

Last week when the Chiefs results come out, in the commotion of congratulating all the people I know who made it, an IT3's said to me "What is the big deal, they just went up one pay grade, why should I care?".   He had a point it is only a small pay boost.  Why should a junior sailor care? Why should he   indeed.  Here are some of the things I brought up to this IT3.
Opens up room for advancment.
First off we all could use a little more Pay.  The Way the Navy advancement works each rate/rank has so many slots, these slots only open when people get out or make rank.  When you see a lot of 1st classes make Chief that only means that the next exam cycle 1st class will be more open and more 2nd classes will make rank which in turn opens up the rank you are going for.

Room to Spread Wings.
Most of the time someone making chief opens a lot of collaterals up,  this will give someone (that hard charger) a chance to really stand out by picking up where the old 1st class left off.  Don’t think just because you are a lowly 3rd class that you can’t pick up some of those collaterals as a new 3rd I picked up Training Petty Officer from my old IT1 when he made rank.  You just have showed interest and capability in the collateral you want and sometime the ones you don’t.

They are doing something right.
If your 1st class makes chief more than likely they are doing something right. Take this opportunity to learn from the top of your field.  Not everything they say will be gold and sometimes it may even be wrong BUT they know how to make rank and if they want to continue they will help you.

The primary thing is you should always be happy for someone making any rank even Seaman but Chief is one of those milestones that really change someone’s career and it should be celebrated.  In all not only is it a win for them but it is a win for you, a chance to learn and make rank and that is what we all should strive for.
If you have anything to add or questions please put it in the comments bellow.

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