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28 June 2016

NEW MCPON Selected!

  Early this month a NAVADMIN was released announcing the upcoming MCPON.   FLTCM(IDW/SG/SW) Steven S. Giordano has been selected and will be taking the job Sept 2nd.

FLTCM Giordano will be the 14th Master Chief Petty officer of the Navy. He is a native Baltimorean he joined the navy in 1989. Graduating from RTC Orlando, Florda he attended Cryptologic Technician Technical training and reported to FAIRECONRON ONE (VQ-1) Agana, Guam serving as a Signals Analyst and Reporter. Currently he is serving as the FLTCM at U.S. Naval Forces Europe/U.S. Naval Forces Africa.

CNO Adm. John M. Richardson stated "This was a very hard decision, perhaps the hardest I have made since becoming CNO," The CNO met with all the current fleet master chiefs and said "Each is superb in their own unique way. They really are the perfect blend of experience and professionalism, with little difference in their impressive resumes."

The CNO may have eluded to what put FLTCM Giordano over the top and into the position "As we encounter increased competition around the globe, the nation needs a capable and ready Navy today more than ever. Master Chief Giordano will play a central role in leading our team through the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow,"

It may be that the increase in cyber security threats may be the "increased competition around the globe" the CNO talked about. If that is the case Giordano cryptologic backgound may be what edged him out over the other FLTCM.

It will be interesting to see if the new MCPON will be as effective as the incumbent.   MCPON Stevens hands on approach has led to many changes. His "Zeroing in on Excellence" initiative was conceived to put more control back in the enlisted hands by developing leaders, fostering good order and discipline and controlling what we own.  Additionally he continued to push the CPO 365 program off MCPON West.

What MCPON(SEL) Giordano will do is still unknown but from past experience I am sure he will continue to push Stevens and other MCPON developed programs. Additionally he will take on some trouble area and focus his attention there, whether it will cyber security, deployment schedules, or dwindling advancement quotas I do not know. for now congratulations to FLTCM(IDW/SG/SW) Steven S. Giordano!

If you have ideas on what MCPON(SEL) Giordano should focus on leave them in the comments below. And remember that he will probably have a Q&A soon after he is promoted so get those questions ready.

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