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06 July 2016

New Selective Reenlistment Message Dropped

NAVADMIN 155/16 Has the updated rates for SRB and some updates to the rules.  

When it Takes Affect

As with the last few SRB messages changes with an increase in SRB will take affect immediately and any with a decrease will happen 30 days from when the message dropped on July 5th 2016.  That means if you are enlisting after Aug 4 and there was a decrease you will get the lesser amount.

New Timelines to Reenlist for SRB

For tier 1 skills you can reenlist for SRB within the same fiscal year of there EAOS.   For tier 2 and 3  the last message opened up to within 180 days of EAOS this message returns it to the normal 90 days within EAOS.  The exceptions for tier 2 and 3 include if you have a EP on the last EVAL (not including transfer and special evals) or if you are in a combat zone you can reenlist within the same fiscal year of EAOS.

If you have questions please leave them in the comments bellow.

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