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28 May 2014

NEW Advancment NAVADMIN 114/11 Policies Will They HELP or HURT?

  The NEW Advancement NAVADMIN 114/14 was released a couple weeks back and all I hear are negative things;
“This sucks now it will be harder for ME to advance!”
“Evals are a sham and now they count for 60% of my FMS!  Gauss I’ll have to suck even  more brass to Make Chief!”
“WTF without the award points for my good conduct I lose X points!”
Is it really that BAD? Surely this thing can't just be a flaming pile horse $h!^?

First I would encourage you to lookup NAVADMIN 114/14 and read it not everything in it is bad actually little is all that bad.  Something to remember is that this NAVADMIN affects EVERYONE.

Change in the CAP program- After reading the message if you read the whole thing you might have noticed this NAVADMIN changed the CAP program.  But why would they limit the time you can CAP someone?   The CAP timeframe is set now so that it falls between Cycles for advancement this way it will not affect the advancement Cycles.  In the past YN3 didn’t make it on the Last exam so you could CAP him.  The problem with that is it affects manning negatively and then you have too many YN2.   CAP someone before the quotas come out and you fix the manning problem.  Yes this means quotas will probably be  slightly lower but only for the rates that people got caped in.

GOODBYE Good conduct- what most people are moaning about Good conducts don’t count for anything now!  The best way to look at this is you have 2 sailors;
Sailor A has been in for 14 years never got in trouble but never really stood out and knows the rate but only what is needed to get by.
Sailor B has only been in 4 years has been a A+ sailor learning the rate inside out and has been awarded a NAM for the hard work they put in.
Who would you rather advance?   With the old system sailor A would have been prefured where the new rules help the higher preformer.  Good conducts are a given unless you get busted so it really is a poor way to tell who is a better sailor and if you can’t make it off the test and the few point’s your good conduct gave you would have made the deference then you need to hit the books a little harder.

EVALS COUNT FOR MORE- This is a misconception if you read the message and look at the old FMS calculations only advancement to E6 and E7 are affected by this.   At first it may seem to suck but I like to be optimistic about thing.  Here is how  I look at it;
I am a E6 with less than 7 years in I take the E7 exam in just over a year.   If all the EP sailors have more chance to make it then that means that those EP spots will open for me.
I know it is a little too optimistic and as a Good test taker this will affect me poorly since the exam counts for less but If it works like it should then those EP spots will open and I  have a lot better chance to get an EP.

MORE POINTS FOR KNOWING YOUR RATE- Yep taking when you are up for E4 and E5 if you know your rate it counts for more, Eight percent to be precise!   So for E4 or E5 your knowledge is what they want and when you are up for E6 and E7 they want you to perform.   

YOU HAVE TO DO MORE THEN PASS FOR PNA OR PMA-  Now if you pass the test you don’t automatically get that 1 PNA or PMA point.  To be eligible for the PNA points you have to be in the TOP 25% to get 1.5 PNA points and the same for PMA.   So if you don’t make it off an exam and your test score is in the 75 percentile or higher of the PNA personnel then you will get 1.5 PNA points.  If your PMA score is in the 75 percent or higher of the personnel that did not make it then you get 1.5 PMA points.

Just to round it all out NOTHING anyone can propose will ever satisfy everyone but at least they are trying.   With these BIG changes in the Advancement system you best believe that the eval system is not far behind!
If you have any questions or comments please add them below.

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