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08 October 2014

Navy 239th Birthday!

On October 13th remember to do something nice for loved ones in support of this year’s theme for the Navy’s Birthday “thanking those who support us.”

NAVADMIN 232/14 message from the CNO it talks about how “It is important that we reflect on who we are and where we started.” and the CNO announced this year’s theme

“our Birthday theme is *thanking those who support us.* Our Families, friends, communities, industry, and organizations have  helped support us and we owe a debt of gratitude.  Our success as individuals
and as a Navy is achieved with them at our side.  We could not execute our
mission at a high level without their unwavering support.”

So remember when on cruise our spouses and family have; take care of the kids, paid the bills, helped with homework, bought groceries, our friends and neighbors may have; helped with leaky sink, mowed the lawn or even check on the house.  So for this October 13th do something nice to thank the people that have supported you in your navy career.

What do you plan to do to thank your supporters?  Please give ideas in the comments bellow.

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