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20 November 2014

Should Advancement Results be Posted on Social Media?

I was trolling Navy Advancements Centers  Facebook today and noticed a post that made me shake my head here is the post;

“I love how the ancient like to say we'll back in my day before facebook this is how we did it.... well guess what back in my grandfathers day wet couldn't be anything but cooks.... its called progress for a reason....just because things use to be harder because the lack of technology doesn't mean that it should still be that results online THANK YOU”--
Duece Jackson

This attitude that there is no purpose for commands to get the results first and that they should just post it to Facebook is juvenile.   I’ll give few of reasons why commands should always get the results first and some reasons why Facebook should never have them.
1.       Depression.  Commands need to notify people that didn’t make it to monitor how  they take the results and give them support .  Most sailors will be fine not making rank but some sailors close to High Year of Tenure may take a turn for the worst.  It is a commands responsibility to take care of these sailors and make sure they don’t do anything destructive.  If a Sailor finds out over a Social media the command has no way to monitor how they take the results and could lead to some bad situations.

2.       Professionalism.  What business announces who got the job on Twitter or Facebook?  They don’t because it is unprofessional as sailor professionalism should be one of the pillars you stand on to advance yourself in your navy career.

3.       Respect, pride and tradition.  Commanding officers announcing who made rank is navy tradition not only does it l give the CO a chance to show pride in his crew and it gives respect to the CO position.

4.       OPSEC.  I know there are a thousand ways someone could find your rank and name but no public list shows as many sailors names and ranks as the advancement results.   Sure it has no PII but NKO requires a CAC to look at Quotas and results for a reason.  If someone looks at all the results or even the quotas for the last 5 years you can see trends and figure out manning strengths and weaknesses.  

On my first ship message traffic was the only way we got the result.  The day results came out all traffic was halted, the ITC would deliver the results to the CO and a few minutes later the CO we come over the 1MC to announce who made it.   The pride each shop showed for their people was wonderful and really embedded that not only where you part of a team but you were part of a family.   As time went on they started posting it on Facebook the IT’s would secure the internet but people would still find out before the CO announced it.   People stopped showing that pride in their shop like they had before I would say in part because they were looking at past buddies and how they did before the shop.
That is just my view on the whole announcing advancement results on Facebook , tell me what you think in the comments bellow.

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